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In my humble opinion, the phrase “Any exposure is good exposure,” couldn’t be farther from the truth. A viewer’s first perception of your brand is extremely important, so don’t waste it on the nebulous value of ‘any exposure’. Sure, you may not be a Fortune 500 company, but honestly, who really is? Your budget doesn’t have to be astronomical in order for you to look big and successful.

I’ve had several conversations in the last few years with people who no longer believing in advertising, saying it simply doesn’t work. My first question to them is one about the design and concept of their ads. Most times, the client will show me something that they’re not necessarily proud of, but created it just for the sake of advertising, making the creative a low priority and unfortunately making that effort’s failure imminent. This simply won’t work.

The first impression of your business is not to be taken lightly. I’d love to chat with you about visually telling your story and capturing the integrity, quality, and innovation of your brand. I think you’ll really like all the possibilities.

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